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Andrew, thanks for the update and glad to hear some dyno work got it sorted out. I was thinking maybe the gas could make a difference? In the US there are various percentages of ethanol blended in to the gas depending on the season and location. Do they do this in SA?

I was hoping for a plug and play solution but with anything but a completely stock configuration it may be hoping for too much. As you say a dyno tune is a good idea whenever changing components anyway.

>>but how much mpgs suffer, if any on 950?

Our only data point so far is for Flanny changing from a Sudco FCR setup to my FCR setup and it increased gas mileage for his trip from NYC back to the Great White North. YMMV quite literally. CV to FCR? Good question.

>>I thinků I spied a 2 wheel drive project somewhere?

Yes, that is about to start in earnest. Keep tuned to Sakurama's 950 refresh (yea, refresh!) thread.
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