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Originally Posted by clintnz View Post
A man after me own 'art

Some good advice above. One thing I'll add; reinforce your subframe. (see p2 of that thread also)

Come visit when you hit NZ. Crazy dirt riding & LC4 maintenance are local specialities

I'll be interested to see what you come up with for lighting, I'm thinking of upgrading mine, current idea is a cheap std 7" round H4, plus an aux LED spot & an integrated small windscreen. The present stock setup is only slightly less arse than the 625 version light wise but it is similarly light weight & damage resistant.

it was one of the first things i checked when i looked the bike over, nothing done so i can brace it accordingly, for strength and longevity too

you might want to look into resonating/ vibration, from the larger front frame area and then reducing in size to the rear may be putting additional stress back there too on some of the joints and bends and hairline crack welds, also careful not to undercut your welds as this creates weak points

never presume the original factory welds are perfect, while you have yours apart i would double check every single joint

also when you add structure (bracing) looking into getting some dimpling dies then you can add the strength but reduce the weight significantly at the same time for the added material

i will be in touch for sure when i get there, nothing like a local guide who has a well equipped garage, i'll provide the welding classes and crazy stories if you provide the beers
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