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Originally Posted by Akhenaten View Post
Thanks so much for your input!! You guys have given me a lot to think about and research. The WR250 really stood out in many posts, so I'll take a look at that (and others that were mentioned) and I'm definitely gonna get used vs. new.

I was just always under the impression that 250's were underpowered for the highway, but I don't know why I thought that. That's why I was looking at 400cc and above.
I have seen many new riders think starting on a 650 off road is OK ... after all, it's a relatively small bike. Mostly Men. So many of this "Macho" crowd QUIT off road riding once they realize how miserable a Noob is on such a heavy bike. Small and Light Rule!

Greer so far has the best suggestion here, IMHO:
Take this in TWO STEPS. Start on a USED 250, get some training (both ON and OFF road) ride for a year ... then re-evaluate your needs at that time.

The WR250R is a good bike but even used ones are EXPENSIVE. The KLX250 is a reasonable choice. The Euro bikes are expensive and delicate.
Having just totally upgraded a CRF230 Honda ... it's my new favorite Noob bike. Having a low bike instills confidence, critical to for a novice off road rider ...
AND HAVING FUN ... off road. FUN is the key. If you're miserable ... you'll quit after a few rides.

You're first bike will get beat up ... that is a fact. So buy used and cheap and don't worry if it tips over. Get some training help and get out there.
And for riding on the street ... you better grow some Eyes in the Back of your Head. Defensive Driving will keep you alive.

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