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Also I might add, after doing 5000+ miles, do yourself a favor and go ahead and change the wheel bearing and seals now before you take her out on another long ride. Those are not as readily available in remote areas as you might think and waiting in some hick town for a week for All Balls to rush you a $20 set of bearing is anti productive.

As far as the electrics are concerned, I followed a thread on this forum on hand winding your own stock stator and I wound mine for about 200w with 18G copper, hooked it to a $50 generic Reg/Rec and built my own new wiring harness with really high end silicone covered marine grade wires. I could run my 65/100w KTM Adventure headlight all night long and never once did it drain the tiny 1000 mah SLA battery I added. I also had my Garmin GPS, a Trailtech speedo/tach/temp gauge, 2 charging jacks for phone and computer battery chargers running, again never killed the battery. I left the light on for about 30 minutes setting up camp one night in the middle of no where with not even moon light to help. The battery was low when I shut it off but she fired right up thanks to the CDI ignition.

I do love this bike.
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