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Originally Posted by clintnz View Post
A man after me own 'art

Some good advice above. One thing I'll add; reinforce your subframe. (see p2 of that thread also)

Come visit when you hit NZ. Crazy dirt riding & LC4 maintenance are local specialities

I'll be interested to see what you come up with for lighting, I'm thinking of upgrading mine, current idea is a cheap std 7" round H4, plus an aux LED spot & an integrated small windscreen. The present stock setup is only slightly less arse than the 625 version light wise but it is similarly light weight & damage resistant.

Hi Clintz,
Just curious, with your subframe cracking were you running luggage racks that brace down to the footpeg area or just a unbraced load on the tail with softbags...

I have gotten away with 160,000 km on the original sub frame and this incudes about 20,000 - 30,000 km of loaded 2 up travel... This I think is due to the extra strength my luggage rack setup provides to the rear end... I have had to weld the luggage bracket braces a couple times due to some stress cracks but never the subframe...

Paul, with you being an accomplished welder you could come up with some kind of lightweight bracing similar to what the racks give... If you are running softbags the braces could be made to hold them away from the muffler/ sidepanel... I believe this would be stronger than adding gussets into the existing rear framework as long as the bracing properly lines up to the bolt holes with out stress... I see on the rally bikes they add an extra strut to help support the extra weight of the fuel tanks... Have you got something like this in mind?
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