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Originally Posted by gunnerbuck View Post
Hi Clintz,
Just curious, with your subframe cracking were you running luggage racks that brace down to the footpeg area or just a unbraced load on the tail with softbags...

I have gotten away with 160,000 km on the original sub frame and this incudes about 20,000 - 30,000 km of loaded 2 up travel... This I think is due to the extra strength my luggage rack setup provides to the rear end... I have had to weld the luggage bracket braces a couple times due to some stress cracks but never the subframe...

Paul, with you being an accomplished welder you could come up with some kind of lightweight bracing similar to what the racks give... If you are running softbags the braces could be made to hold them away from the muffler/ sidepanel... I believe this would be stronger than adding gussets into the existing rear framework as long as the bracing properly lines up to the bolt holes with out stress... I see on the rally bikes they add an extra strut to help support the extra weight of the fuel tanks... Have you got something like this in mind?
i was intrigued about this as well as there are a lot of mention of luggage racks adding strength...maybe it was his big endo abilties???

as for racks can you add a photo of yours to this thread with no bags on them? for reference purposes

for mine i will probably got with the standard wolfman rack as i will be using their luggage and most of the difficult work has been done, but then i will add bracing and cross bracing plus some triangulation to make it real sturdy just in case it want to take a nap on the trail, but i'll also do some gusset work as the English say "belt and braces"

as for the tank, having not bought one before i will have to wait and see, but from what i understand the crossbrace is usually made of swiss cheese so that will have to go and something custom thrown together
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