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Originally Posted by fritzcoinc View Post

I would like to opportunity to publicly apologize for my comments as to the fees you charge to provide the outstanding service that you do. In the future I will make a concerted effort to eliminate those types of comments from my post. I have found your advice to be top shelf; you are an outstanding contributor to this informational forum we all enjoy. My intentions were not to distress you in any way but rather to jest. This I say to all who frequent this forum.

I am uncomfortable with people that feel the need to restate anotherís written words insisting that their spin is the correct one and how the information should be conveyed. Tech, you sir are one of the bright spots in the cast of grey that seek to turn ADV into a Garden Club board meeting. I am aghast more have not rallied behind the cause to maintain ADV as a rough, tough, Man Cave type of site that it was conceived to be.

But, really, call me rude if you wish, I donít give a f__k!. Party on dudes.



holy fuck been drinkin that nasty Texas beer again..haven`t ya

Notice how i insult your beer and the thought that maybe you are an alcoholic in the same sentence...i like to double up ya know.,,,,,

I actually could care less either Fritz....i can suck it up..

But.....anytime you want to undercut my CDI repair pricing...feel free to do would be cheaper shipping down there and you could really coin it off all the XR650L owners.......then buy a big freekin mansion with 8 blond poolside hookers..that`d teach me..

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