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Originally Posted by ZBone View Post
I'm not sure where you got your information, but according to BMW the Sertao gets 74mpg at a constant 55mph and my experience with my bike has been spot on with this. Riding slab in the mountains at 65-70mph I'd average around 65-70mpg and riding the bike off-road and hard on the throttle I'd still get 55mpg.
what do you mean where I got my information?
55kmi on the Dakar should be enough to know what mileage I got on average
and my still new to me Sertao in the few tanks of gas so far did get around 50mpg, between 48 and 52 to be precise
and I am absolutely sure my riding style did not change
if at all in cold, wet weather I am a little more cautious onthe throttle
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