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After all this yakking about GS riding I got the itch and got mine out as a break from working on my taxes and rode to town and back. I haven't ridden it for about two weeks and when I started it up it was clacking like crazy which reminded me of your question about your engine noise. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the 2002 is like my 2001 motor in that it has an oil pressure driven tensioner on the cam chains. So, when you start the bike cold there's no oil pressure and therefore the tensioner is slack, so it rattles until the pressure builds and puts the proper tension to it.

When the throttle bodies are nicely balanced the engine is pretty quiet and you can hear the fuel injectors snapping away too, so I'm sure that's some of what you're hearing.

You also asked if your braided SS brake lines would be suspect like the OEM rubber lines - I don't think so, and I don't think your SS lines are stock.

I had a nice run into town, about 30 miles round trip, just got a little chilly by the time I got home. The big hazard, though, is all the sand and salt VDOT has put down over the winter - it's absolutely treacherous out there now at every corner and stop! Ride safe!

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