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Originally Posted by pngaudioguy View Post
Curious to hear your thinking on supporting the pipe better. Where is the center of gravity on those? I know on the old Supertrapp can with attached pipe that I've been monkeying around with for awhile now the center of gravity would end up being pretty close to where that front mount is, so from that standpoint I can see your logic. I can also see the advantage of not having a bunch of weight hanging behind the mount point. Would love to hear your thinking.

I think the center of balance on these pipes is closer to the front than rear of the alloy can...

Seriously.........i don`t think it really matters which end you use,,it still ends up supported well..i have never seen an FMF that had any issues from the inlet of the muffler to the back.but i`ve seen a few that broke at the mount on the inlet pipe or some odd reason..

But the Q exhaust on mine has been forward mounted since new,,no issues.......looks a little cleaner too i think..

We`ll see when i install the new Q2 i bought..i still plan on the same mount point..

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