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Enjoying my last V8
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Originally Posted by techforlife View Post
holy fuck been drinkin that nasty Texas beer again..haven`t ya

Notice how i insult your beer and the thought that maybe you are an alcoholic in the same sentence...i like to double up ya know.,,,,,

I actually could care less either Fritz....i can suck it up..

But.....anytime you want to undercut my CDI repair pricing...feel free to do would be cheaper shipping down there and you could really coin it off all the XR650L owners.......then buy a big freekin mansion with 8 blond poolside hookers..that`d teach me..

Oh, I am just soooooooooooooo offended! OMG!
For your information I'm 50% drunk 7% of the time.

And where did you get the impression I could EVEN attempt to to be a Witch Doctor, like you, and fix something with more than two wires?

And we can agree on something. To all I have offended:

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