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Originally Posted by Beemerboff View Post
Totally wrong on Loctite screwing up the torque - Locktite is formulated so that the required torque stays the same.

Achieving that was the biggest problem the makers of Locktite faced when they originally formulated the product.

Unless otherwise advised, all torque figures are for clean and dry threads, so there is never any need to state that - it is only when you oil or lube them that it has to be stated.

IMHO if you cant afford or just cant bring yourself to fit new bolts each time I think you should seriously consider if you should be riding a bike at all, but I appreciate that not everyone will agree with this viewpoint
Would you care to cite any sort of authority for this statement? Web page or something from anyone else. You are the first person I have heard say that Locktight was formulated to not screw with torque settings. I find it hard to believe for this reason. You may be right, I guess I would like that, but never having heard this before it's hard for me to believe.
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