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Originally Posted by 1 lunger View Post
Btw uska, nice job on the tail light! Did you know Sicass makes a plug and play unit that's pretty bright ( led ) and really cleans up the back of the bike
Thanks... And yeah, I've come across that light but I didn't really like it either... the price is pretty steep for this one but I think its money spent well due to the fact that it fit really nice and how bright it is.

About the fender/radiator problem.. Thanks on the input. I'm going to find out how much the fender is from the new huskies. Maybe I could make it fit and it solve this little problem, plus I really like the way the flatter ones look.

Another thing, while installing the light, I found out my rear fender is off to one side by maybe half a cm. Must've bend the rear sub-frame when I looped the bike. :(
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