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Elk City to Claremore, Wednesday, 15 August 2012, Day 72

Yet another Route 66 Petrol Station![/caption]

As you can probably tell not to impressed with this part of the journey but very little option but to grind it out and hope that it get more interesting soon. Had a pleasant day Route 66 was more present in the State of Oklahoma so this got me of the freeway, which was a nice change.

Must confess I am no longer a speed freak and on the Freeways you are allowed to go 75*mph but that is a tad fast for my liking the bike could do that all day the rider however prefers the more leisurely pace of the back roads where he is not being humiliated and passed by 20 wheel trucks as he tootles in the slow lane. It is official most be getting old as I am no longer in hurry to be the fastest thing on the road and considering the miles I am putting in I would be even more tired than I am now. Again on me own in a tatty old motel room so finally got all my routes downloaded from my Garmin GPS as there is no Internet and the goggle box here is crap.

Bugger it was Closed![/caption]

So here some Stats;

I have done about 23,690km in 72 days so that is about 330km a day. The most I travelled in one day is 764km from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg. Spent about USD 1, 250 on fuel and about USD 2,200 on Accommodation and god know how much on Cinnamon Rolls. I know but I am not telling. So a pleasant enough day at the office not mind-blowing or much to write about but pleasant. I have got some ideas on how to liven things up bit but a tad more research is needed so watch this space.
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