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Originally Posted by SRG View Post
Had one exactly like that - an '02 w/ the DR200 motor. It didn't really work as a trials bike (wrong gearbox and limited power), but it was a fun small trail bike. Mine would cruise @ 60 and maybe go 70 w/ me on it (6'-1", 200#)

I was told that the importer brought in a total of 10 in 2002.
Very cool, I am not sure on where it tops out, but the gearing seems quite low. I understand they came with two CS sprockets, and if needed going one up on the CS should be easy.

Cruising at 60 is just fine, but nothing left in reserve. I am looking forward to putting around on some more technical traisl for fun. Its going to be my wife's starter bike, so the stock mirrors and turnsignals are coming off....hoping it does not get TOO beat up.
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