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In my experience, the bottom line is that IF those bolts are properly torqued, new or good used, it makes no difference, those bolts do not need loctite. They never come loose if they are properly torqued with no loctite. They don't need to be periodically checked IF they are properly torqued. If they are in good shape, they don't need to be replaced.

Cost versus risk analysis? There is virtually no risk in my experience IF they are properly torqued. It makes no difference if the bolt is used or not as long as it is in good shape. A new bolt might be a bad one? Maybe the risk is less with used and tested bolts? Personally, I wouldn't worry about it that much. As a professional BMW motorcycle mechanic and almost life time airhead rider, I have literally hundreds and hundreds of drive shaft bolt installations under my belt. As far as I know I have never had one come loose and I never use loctite. I never check them. I torqued down the used bolts holding my driveshaft on right now around 70,000 miles ago. No loctite and I am not going to 'check' them. "Checking" them is for people that didn't torque them down right to start with. Same with using loctite IMO. NO need for it if the job is done right. I have seen a lot of drivehaft bolts come loose but all them were not tightened enough. Maybe a few too much? End of story IMO.

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