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Originally Posted by Head2Wind View Post
The research I have done so far and the very limited information available leads me to believe that the 690 stock springs are too soft for me (240 lb advanced rider) and the at the very least the forks are over damped for fast compression. So...from what I understand of suspensions: If the spring is too soft and the damping is too high, then the forks will feel harsh. If you go UP with spring rates, increase float slightly, soften high speed compression and progressively reduce bottoming resistance reduce the harshness at the limits of travel. I have been tending to start with 110mm air gap and add oil to get the best bottoming resistance, with the intention to work up to the best air gap to help reduce the progressive spring rate at max compression travel. I can state with a great level of assurance... my point of view on this is purely my opinion and is only based from learning and applying to my bikes. This tool has been a invaluable tool:

Does anyone out there have a inventory of the shims in the different years of the forks and shocks that they would be willing to share?

EDIT: Oh, and as a side note, I have to say that the Factory rally bike that I rode (thanks Steve) before I got my 690 was one of the things that led me to really really want one of these bikes. The factory race suspension is SO AMAZING on fast stutter bumps. The faster the bike is ridden, the better it gets and it REALLY likes it when you are on the power through all types of corners, just CLAMPS the bike to the earth. freaking amazing. HOWEVER... the "public" version of the 690 suspension is very much NOT what the rally bike is.... the next HOWEVER is I hope that I can manage to get the WP suspenders close to the factory stuff...
That link looks great. I'll have to look at it more.
As far as my forks go I came up with a stack using all the existing shims. Resorting the deck and removing a bunch. Sounds like what I did accomplishes what you noted. I did start with the .48 springs and 120 mm oil level. They felt great yesterday. I am considering going back to the .52 spring. I'll know more after I get the rear setup. The bike is so imbalanced now it is scary.

My rear shock is just plain foul. I can barely move the rear end. I pushed on a friends back end and it felt very much like my 525. I have my shock off and it will be gone thru and softened up this week.
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