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A snipet from the site regarding dance between spring selection and associated damping:


Through tuning of the compression and rebound damping both the soft and stiff spring setups can be made to produce identical bump travel and nearly identical suspension response times. Soft springs require heavy compression damping and light rebound damping. At the limit, soft springs are unable to produce the wheel acceleration rates needed in the rebound stroke to keep the suspension from packing.

Stiff springs with light compression and heavy rebound damping produce the fastest suspension response and the plushest ride. The trick in setting up a motorcycle suspension is to find the stiffest possible spring that still uses all of the suspension travel for the speeds and terrain that you ride. For a trail setup at low speed a light spring will be needed to insure the suspension uses all of the travel. At the higher bike speeds of a desert suspension setup a stiffer spring is needed to keep the suspension from bottoming.

EDIT: i keep doing this.... :) the working setup that I have in my 950 ADV includes a set of .60s and a complete rework of all shim stacks, hand blended transfer ports, 1/8" top drilled the spring guides, 1/8" drilled bottoming cups, no mid valve free float(some suspension shops drill a bleed hole through the valve piston), doubled drilled base compression valve holder, back relieved stack holders... Thinking that I am going to try this recipe on the 690, adjusted for weight and give it a try
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