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Originally Posted by sintax View Post
phorensic: I'm located in Riverside, CA and have the same mods as you... Here are my TM40 specs

Pilot - 27.5
Pilot Air - 1.2
Jet Needle - 9DJY1
Needle Jet - Y6
Clip - 2.5
Main - 140
Thanks for the info!! Where have you adjusted the accelerator pump to? Does it touch the lever at fully closed throttle? And can you remember how many turns out your pilot is?

I had a feeling I need to put a 140 main in, they included a few mains with the kit. Although WOT top speed runs feel really, really, really strong, lol! It does shoot a bit of black smoke out when I rev it really hard over and over, but that may be because it is a pumper carb and it's not under load when I do that??
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