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Originally Posted by Capt.saveaho View Post
I'd mess with the suspension, I have the mt90's and I ride the shit out of that tire, riding past the tread sometimes and I never get head shake. The rear moves more then the front for me. Even on shitty roads I don't have a problem with them. For 90/10 I don't think you'll find a better tire IMO. Add more rebound and see how it feels. The conti's are better but suck in the dirt, the mt90's aren't really good either but I was riding black diamond single track when I made that decision.

I have to say for a bike with over 10 inches of travel it handles exception on the street. Super predictable and super forgiving (Maybe to forgiving). I'm probably sayin this becuase I had a great street ride yesterday, and I've been on some well setup track bikes. Yep I like my 990.
Ive played with the suspension left right up and down. cant get rid of it. I have the suspension dialed so that the bike handles like a dream.
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