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This data sheet confirms no torque compensation is required with this product, but Loctite make a huge range of products and the assumption I made that no compensation is needed with any product in any every application is probably much harder to prove, and more than likely incorrect.

But generally on a motorcycle forum we are discussing medium/high strength fasteners in a limited range of sizes, and a limited range of thread locking products.

And the statement seems to hold in these circumstances.

We are often given a torque range of around +- 5%, so if you have any concerns it would seem prudent to go for the bottom end of the recommended scale, or if you have only a single figure just leave the torque 5% under, but with the factor of safety commonly used with mass produced fasteners in non critical situations it isnt going to make a lot of difference if you dont.

But, as Henkel said, if you want to change things with the flywheel or conrod bolts just make certain you know what you are doing.

The last two sets of drive shaft bolts I bought came with a hard red compound on the threads, so if you are buying current factory stock you are going to have to clean it off if you dont want locking compound.
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