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Originally Posted by IronSpadeCycles View Post
Over the last couple years that I've owned it, I've noticed that occasionally it will slip or feel like teeth are missing in 3rd gear as I'm accelerating hard to 4th gear. I only notice it on the pavement and only if I'm really pushing it, its almost a feeling of very slight wheel spin on loose dirt, then it catches and runs fine. And it only usually happens once while in 3rd going to 4th. I've honestly never tried to just ride it in 3rd to see if I can get it to slip repeatedly either.

I'm a little hesitent to pull the motor and split the cases to find out that nothing is really wrong but I was mostly wondering if this might be a common problem for our big pigs. Anyone else feel this happens to them? I've checked the oil every time I've changed it and nothing metal is showing itself but again, this could have happened years ago with a previous owner.

Thanks for your input. Later Travis
If the gear dogs themselves were slipping out of engagement and then back, it would make a horrible noise. It sounds to me like your clutch is slipping and/or the clutch basket is becoming grooved to the point that is affects engagement. I take it you use the clutch for these gear changes when it slips?
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