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Back in the dirt

Circumstances forced me to get off my arse and hit the dirt after a long time off, my knee has come good and the ZZR600 got ran into so its off the road for the moment. I was on a road ride, waiting on the side of the road for the group to catch up and a learner rider misjudged and slammed me from behind, the bike ended up on the deck, $3K damage, luckly i'm insured.
So its back to old faithful.

This week I revisting an old trail I did a couple of years back

Unfortunately the locals don't like bikes, most of it is closed off, sign off the times round here.

did find some open tracks that got me north to Toolangi and a beautiful area called Murrindindi

Murrindindi Magic

Local farm using immigrant workers, I bet if I came in waving a badge and asking for visa's they would run to the hills

pushed through to Mt St Lennard, huge stands of Mountain Ash

Always reminded of the fire threat around here

Nice to be on dirt again with the added bonus of my knee holding up to a bit of punishment
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