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Originally Posted by SKINZ View Post
Any chance you have the petcock on "prime" and not "on" and are just flooding it?
Yes actually, i didnt realize that this was a prime position, thought it was a reserve, and my tank only has a gallon or so in it. Didnt think it mattered...on that note, what exactly is the prime for and how do you use it properly?...And if thats the case, would def explain why it flooded. On that note, how would I go about clearing a flood out of this style more used to kick bikes(WOT, open choke, kick it a few times), unless ive been doing that wrong too...seemed to work on my XRs no prob.

Quote"I had similar problem while back. Before i started to dig into the engine/carb repertoire i took off the gas tank cleaned well with soap & water rinse well with water only, let it dry till next day and before reinstall it blow air into it from powerfull compressor. I took few minutes to double check the petcock (remove & inspect). I filled it half way, added carb cleaner to it. It started right up, and idled like new bike. I still have to use the choke to start it no matter what though (cold or hot weather). " Quote.

I actually heard almost the same thing from someone else yesturday, except they did that with the carb and tank, same results....looks like Ill just start with the tank and gas, after clearing the CC and making sure theres no gas in there or my oil.
Thanks a lot guys, appreciate the advice.
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