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Hey Brian. Glad you got out for a ride yesterday; I don't care what kind of bike a person rides, it's great to just be out riding. I saw one other bike in my ride and it was a big Harley with a grinning rider . It was warmish here, about 52*F, but VERY gusty winds. I was clearing brush and fooling around outside when I decided I needed to run to town for some stuff, so took the GS rather than a car. I lived in Wyoming for 34 years and you simply don't ride year-round there, the bikes would stay covered in the garage with a battery tender for about five months straight. Sometimes I'd get stir crazy and load one up in the truck and head south until it got warm and dry enough that I could ride.

Yeah, you'll love all the power the BMW alternator puts out. I don't think my Chevy truck puts out as much and you can run all manner of electrics off it.

Take care, hope to see you out there on the road sometime!

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