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Originally Posted by BlueLghtning View Post
I'm 6'4"/250lbs and the WRR pulls me fine. Yes it likes to be revved, but for a 250, its a pretty peppy machine. Not sure if you rode a stock one, but with some gearing changes and a few mods, it totally changes the bike.
With 10K plus on the bike, including coast to coast\TAT and a lot of single track at or above 7,000 feet, I think I gave it a fair run--yes with just about every gearing option available.
It will do much better in GA at sea level it also seemed OK in the north GA mountains. Put it at 10,000 plus feet where it gives up 20% of its power and it gets doggy, especially at 300 lbs plus wet weight.
It ate chain sliders and not in a uniform fashion. Other than tires it was maintenance free. You must have the bigger tank for any long distance work--or be a really good planner.
As I said in an earlier post I would take it on the TAT again over the DR650 due to weight alone as I ride solo.
If he would have asked which bike I would take if I were riding the TAT and then ride it back to the east coast I would take the DR--the WRR is just not--in my opinion--much more than a peppy 250 and then only when wound out.
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