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Originally Posted by HeadTrauma View Post
If the gear dogs themselves were slipping out of engagement and then back, it would make a horrible noise. It sounds to me like your clutch is slipping and/or the clutch basket is becoming grooved to the point that is affects engagement. I take it you use the clutch for these gear changes when it slips?

check clutch first...measure springs, and discs and fibers and file the grooves if any on both the inner and oute basket...

youll be very pissed if you tear down the whole engine only to find you have the exact same issue...not to mention you will have the awesome conundrum of wether you want to replate or rebore and sleeve the cylinder etc since you have an awesome 88 engine

I just changed my clutch, everything was still in spec but visually I had some browning on the fibers and I also had zddp residue...

btw I slipped in 4th and or 5th at wot...this is becaise its harder on the engine to pull such a tall gear

good luck
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