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Originally Posted by brucifer View Post
Well, it could be his clutch, but why would it only do it from 3rd to 4th shift? Seems like it would then do it from 4th to 5th change badly. I had an '82 XR500 years ago that would slip in and out of 2nd and it didn't make a horrible noise doing it.

I read somewhere that people also were having issues with that stupid little spring on the gear shuft spindle not being strong enough or something causing a bad shift or non shift

could be any of these things at this point but I would start with the easiest stuff

I say this becaue Im so paranoid the first that always comes to mind is the WORST and usually thats when steve comes in and shuts me up and says hey its this simple thing

fix it and ride and well he is always right jajajajajajaja!
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