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Originally Posted by Head2Wind View Post
EDIT: Oh, and as a side note, I have to say that the Factory rally bike that I rode (thanks Steve) before I got my 690 was one of the things that led me to really really want one of these bikes. The factory race suspension is SO AMAZING on fast stutter bumps. The faster the bike is ridden, the better it gets and it REALLY likes it when you are on the power through all types of corners, just CLAMPS the bike to the earth. freaking amazing. HOWEVER... the "public" version of the 690 suspension is very much NOT what the rally bike is.... the next HOWEVER is I hope that I can manage to get the WP suspenders close to the factory stuff...

I think there are several of us who fell in love with the factory rally bike through actually riding it or just seeing it in action...who now want something similar in the normal version. I think the suspension that the factory bike starts with is just better out of the box and more tuneable. The rear shock is different as are the forks and even the frame is different on that bike. The closest out of the box is probably a set of SXS forks and maybe an Ohlins shock ...if there is one that fits the frame...probably a $4000 package before tuning.
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