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Don't know about Michigan, but CHP out here are not fond of BLUE lights on back of a bike. Not sure about Green. Probably OK.

Heated grip tips.
I run the typical Dual Star/Symtec kit on my DR650. It's not bad but if temps get below about 32F, can't be felt much... but ALWAYS better than nothing.
Super thick gloves keep you warmer ... but means you may not feel your heated grips much. Compromise.

1. insulate handlebar with elec. tape or ? ... then use a THIN rubber grip over the heating element. Thick grips suck up all the heat.
2. Some Vendors offer "Snow Mobile" heated grips. These are higher output. Use caution if you use a plastic throttle tube. The Snow Mobile grips can MELT the throttle tube. Many buy the Renthal ALU tube so no melting!

Good grounds and clean routing are important. The DR650 only puts out 200W total ... so we have to "budget" elec. output. I run 35W HID light to conserve juice ... which tends to help up the output on the grips a bit. I also run a 77W Gerbing.

Yeah,technically everything is illegal

I am going to run the Green LEDS through a switch so I can turn them off if need be.
I dont have alot more electrical output than you so I also have to conserve where possible.I picked up a adjustable rheostat for my Gerbings so I can dial it down,and installed a voltmeter so I can keep an eye on everything.
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