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Basket Case - getting in over my head?

I've posted that I'm looking for an airhead to tinker with and form into a cafe racer. I think I've also mentioned I've never owned (or ridden) an airhead, so other than what I'd learned reading this forum, I have zero experience with these bikes.

I replied to an ad on CL. The guy only sent two pics and wrote, "it needs, heads, carbs, pipes (I have later spare motor, carbs.)"

I have no idea what the spare motor and carbs he mentions consist of, so assuming the engine that's on the bike is as rough as it looks (looks like it needs more than has has no cylinders);

(1) How difficult/costly is it to source jugs, heads, carbs and pipes for these bikes?

(2) How interchangeable are parts from other models and later years?

Supposedly, it's a 1973 R75. Thanks for the education!


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