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Originally Posted by Shibby! View Post
IF you have a battery it won't affect how the bike runs. It's run strictly off the stator. The battery is there to even out voltage at idle and keep your lights on after the bike. Separate system from ignition.

I jetted mine (still needs tuning a bit) at 3500 ft, but have rode it lots at sea level all the way up to 12,000.

27.5, 140, 3rd clip I believe, forget about spacer location?, factory nozzle shipped on powerbarn units.

It'll at least get you running if you havent figured it out. I had similar issues with it not wanting to start and run as well when first bolted up. It was all jetting adjustments.
I first thought the ignition should be running solely off the stator when it starts. I couldn't explain why the bike wouldn't let me rev it for about 3 minutes even with heat billowing off the header and radiators already. My theory was that the battery was so dead the stator was putting most the juice into charging it and I had really weak ignition. It was idling like crap and wouldn't let me even breath on the throttle. Then all of a sudden after about 3 minutes I could blip the throttle super fast. I think I'm just going to play with the AP delay for now.
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