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Use the bike's computer...

Originally Posted by shep546 View Post
Hey guys, I'm looking at doing an exhaust mod before spring.

My bike is stock performance wise. I don't really have the money or desire to do a full exhaust,header,chip system I'd just like a decent slip on so my bike doesn't sound like an electric lawn mower.

If I throw a slip on and header on my bike and do the flapper mod do I need a new programmer? What if I don't do a flapper mod?

What about just a slip on plus flapper mod, would it still need to be programmed?


edit: also has anyone heard of the "Bazzaz Z-FI Fuel Fuel Management System" ?

Is it the same as fmf?
You can adjust the rich/lean mix with the built-in CO mode on the bike's computer. I removed AIS, EXUP, opened air box, and simultaneously installed an FMF slip-on pipe (no header) and changed to a K&N air filter

Once I accessed the CO mode in the bike's computer menu (you hold down this button, then that, then another on the instrument cluster - details are somewhere in this thread) it was set on minus 4 and I changed to a plus 2 or plus 3. That was 18K miles ago and bike runs strong and I've had no issues. It's never made any sense to me to pay for a programmer when my bike runs great without one!

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