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Originally Posted by TipsyMcStagger View Post
I posted all of the information provided to me thus far. No mileage was provided. The asking prices is $1250 obo. No information was provided about the additional engine other than to say it is from a "later model."

Yes, I have mechanical experience. I have no experience welding but I've always wanted to learn and look at this as an opportunity to do so.

1250.00 American Dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cripes sake man,that's a 200.00 parts bike,if it's as bad as it looks.
Each and every small part it ends up needing,besides the obvious missing top end, will add up to the price of a running example much quicker then a guy would think. I spent 900.00 on a running airhead with crash damage,once apart it was clear it needed a total rebuild from top to bottom,besides the bent frame/forks.

I spent over 3000.00,it needed lots more and wouldnt sell for 1900.00 no matter how long I listed it.
They can be a money pit of the highest order.

They do have panache to other Airhead riders though.
Some bikes around at times
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