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Originally Posted by rickypanecatyl View Post
I'll check into the metal polishing but don't know if I'll have any luck finding something like that over here. I shouldn't write while frusterated but at the moment I'm overwhelmed with how you can get 1/2 ass quality on everything here for 1/10th the price but when/if you want something done well it doesn't happen often.

I was just at the Kawasaki dealer and saw a KX250 next to the 2012 KLX250 and it got me thinking:


I'm wondering how hard it would be to put a whole KX front end on the KLX. My wife's in Texas at the moment for the next week and looking on Craigslist I could get her to bring me back some forks/tripple clamps/wheel/axle for much less than new fork tubes would cost over here.

FWIW the 2012 KLX in the pic has only +/- 10" of fork travel, my year has 11" where the KX next to it has 12" so the length difference wouldn't be as great as the 2 in the pic.
Anyone heard of anyone doing that before? I'd love the KX forks if it was doable...
I don't have specific details, as I have not done it on this particular bike. One major thing to consider is you'll likely need a KX wheel or custom axle, nut and spacers to adapt the KLX wheel to the KX forks - cross reference the bearing part numbers to get some clue as to what you'll need to do. The year of KX will determine how easy the swap is. The 43mm KX125/250/500 forks from about '91 to '95 (double check exact years) should slip directly into your triple clamps. A complete front end - including the triple clamps - from any year KX500 should be a direct fit as well, as the head bearings and stem length are the same; some years of KX500 used 43mm forks, the last I believe used 46mm.
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