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Originally Posted by cbig View Post
I have a set of $50 forks I am running on my 2000 xr. I believe the forks are 1997. Yesterday I tore the forks down and replaced the seals . One had been leaking pretty bad. Replacing seals is easy enough. I was looking at the valve bolt and wondering just how effective the removal of 6 shims is. I hear a lot about it. . Thought that might be a bit much. It appears to me the oil flows up from below and the 12 shims act as a limit on how much can flow thru the valve body. By removing shims, more oil can flow as the stack can rise higher to the stop, creating a larger passage.

I might want to try it, tho I am not unhappy at all with the forks. After going thru the hassle of taking off the fork caps, using the cartridge grabbing tool I made and either using a socket wrench or gently impact wrenching off the bottom bolt, I wonder... I know I can gun it off, but if I leave the fork cap on, cartridge all intact, can the bolt be put back on? This way I could turn clean forks upside down, screw with what I need without messing with oil levels, etc?

Seems there's a reason it can't be put back on this way; I was just in it and should remember but I got crs! (Can't remember shit)
The 6 shim mod is really for enduro style technical riding, roots, ledges etc... if you ride allot of whoops it's probably going to be a little soft on compression. In technical terrain it will soak up bumps allot better with less deflection.

I don't see why the method you described shouldn't work. I popped mine off with an air gun, I use that method on allot of forks and haven't jacked one up yet. I purposly use an airwrench that isn't real strong and I'm used to it, crankin the compression valves off with a honkin gun you're not used to could definately cause some issues.
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