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I am 250 r2r.Took Stu at Jacks Cycle advice on the spring.7 is stock spring in rear and he tried a 7.5 on his bike and he weighs 220 and thought it was slightly stiff so he thought a 7.5 would be good for me.No fork springs other than stock for front so will try them stock and if I have to I can mess with oil weight and height.Reiger spring is like $160 or so new.Stu had used this one for an hour so it was basically worn out so he gave me a good deal on it.I ride SR intermediate but have not ridden consistantly since about 05.This year I plan to change that.I have the Utah and Wyoming events already marked on my calender.
I was at dam close to 280 not long ago, just FYI. I almost miss the traction I used to have (LOL). as I lost weight, I noticed that what I had done to my bikes in the past all of a sudden causing me not so much trouble, but I could feel the 'problems' with stiff springs.

I agree with you, ya might want the stiffer rear spring, I was just making sure because at 220 and below, I could definitely say stiff springs were causing me trouble.... What I felt was, instead of the tires being allowed to compress the forks and rear shocks, they would stop on the rocks (not the big ones, the ones you wouldn't notice as much, unless it was slicker than heck probably).

It was a muddy trials and new lower weight totals, that had me headed home to revert back to stock suspension asap, when I was probably at 230ish or 235... because the front tire (without (pat my own back here) really good technique to unweigh both tires as they rode over these bowling ball rocks, in the middle of tight turns, stuff like that) Now softer springs, I "seem" to glide over almost without working at it. Still I know some had to just do with gravity totals, and I'd be able to tell you if I get back to 280 again, if It feels different again, which I wont do... )
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