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An Otter on the road: I'm coming up so you better get this party started!

Crazy is I believe the medical term, if you want to recover but don't want to learn. Well here we go again: the otter is back on the road.
Going from Lille to Cologne through Nimes, Grenobles, Mijoux, St Gallen and Niederschach (oh yeah, Touratech headquarters here I come!). My objectives?
  • Heal a broken heart
  • Trying to get my queen back on track so than objective N°1 gets accomplished
  • If objective N°2 fails then get wasted and spend even more money on my bike
  • Trying to test my Gopro3 (since I'm not a geek this will be complicated! Don't expect any videos before my return to safe harbor)
  • Getting a good ride report out of it since writing always helps to find oneself

Well to understand the whole philosophy of this trip I need to bore you a bit with the whole back storyline (will take about 5 minutes to get back on track, don't you worry your pretty little head about it! - or you know, just skip this part).

Well well, it all started a couple of weeks ago when destiny sent me an “happy new year bro!” by bringing me an old lost soul back. It was my old high-school friend Mady who now is in the parachute army section. Hadn't heard or seen her in 2 years. What a great day that was, but a couple of days later, since destiny is a (pardon my french) whore, it took a soul mate out of my life.
In reaction to that I took my bike from Lille to Switzerland and back in about 4 days. Funny trip, now I know that it goes up to 211kmh. ANYWAY... (now is coming the cheesy part so skip right ahead please).

To keep it short:
  • Mady wanted to meet me at Lille the weekend of the 23th february
  • I was supposed to make a trip from the 25th to the 2nd to meet her at Nimes (would have been a great Road trip too :o)
  • Instead she said that she needed to get her life back on track and concentrate more on her military career
  • I was broken again but was ready to fight to keep her in my life
  • I organized some last minute Road trip (always the best kind) to see her and to occupy my one week of holiday.
  • Told her on Friday that I'd be in Nimes the next day
  • She said that I'm crazy – The trip was ready to start!

So the actual Ride Report can start and I'll let you discover why “Loutre” will be the next synonym of EPIC FAIL on this website.

22/02 Day 0: Garage to Apartment (15kms) – Why is my bike so far away from where I live :o(
Total: 15kms

I packed all my stuff and put it on my bike. That evening I had two friends that came up for a visit and left me my birthday gift! An apron with the guiness logo on it and something like “hail to the BBQ chef”! How well they know me. Oh and of course the best thing ever, a horn for my bike... Fear me now Bamby! Well we had a couple of beers, pizza and a nice conversation about trip planning. Thanks again mates! I'm ready to rock now.

We mounted the horn to my crash bars and they went home. After all I had a contract law class that I needed to attend in the morning, oh an of course 950kms to ride. But hey that's just the gravy of the day, isn't it?

Good night everybody!

Pics of the day:

My new and favorite farkle!

(Pics of my friends to come!)

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