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23/02 Day 1: Lille to Nimes (993kms) – The day that shall be know as Epic Fail day (with such a title it has to be good, right?)
Total: 1008kms

From 8 to 9:30 I had my law lecture. We talked about how to sue societies that send you letters entitled “You are the lucky winner of our lottery! Please send back that coupon and the price is yours”. I think that I found a new life earning!

Here we go! See you on the other side!

Departure at 10 from University and according to my TomTom I'm supposed to arrive around 6 PM... if only: After only 30kms I did my first U turn, I love these modern navigation systems!

About the weather conditions: It was cold and snowing, average temperature was about -4°C. Like an onion I had 5 layers on and 3 scarves. What a highlight at every gas station! At this point I want to thank BMW for their heated grips and to the Turks for the coffee, this trip couldn't have been made without your team effort!

Most of the time I used the highway due to the snow, ice and of course the lack of time that I had. I literally crossed France that day and had no intention to waste time. I had a funny moment when I overtook a trailer... I looked at the bike on its back and it was the car from Back in the future. It was one of these “pics or didn't happen” moments and also a moment where you say to yourself, “darn should have trained the activation of my gopro before the actual trip!”. Well, I tried to, but failed, hence no pictures.

What is always fun to look at when you are taking gas at a station is the look on the people faces! “You are crazy”, well they didn't say it but the look was more than enough... oh and of course you have the look on the chick faces like “wow what a hero”, but I had no time for them.

A great remark on the bike though. The more you do highway sections, the less it vibrates. At the very beginning I remember some crazy rumbling in the handlebar at about 120 kmh, now I can go up to 140 without any problem. Maybe my own shivering did compensate the whole thing :o).

Well now comes the funny part. At about 8 pm, and 45 minutes to go, I made a stop at a gas station and got a text like “won't be there”. There it was again, that nervous laugh that I always get when I get bad news. Fuck it. Then I took a quick look at the walls and found an AC adapter! Great time to charge my phone and my Helmet. I went out again and looked through my stuff to get my usb adapters out... Well another bad news... I forgot all of them. God damned, how much worse can it get? Well... when a door closes a window opens. Two chicos came and talked to me. They went backpacking and hitchhiking from Barcelona to Berlin and are on their way back. We had a nice talk about trips and lifestyle. When they knew that I am German they took a bottle of Jägermeister out and invited me for a drink :o). Don't judge me, but at that moment I totally forgot that you aren't supposed to drink and drive. The bad news got my mind.
Anyway they told me about their trip and they are doing some mini jobs on the road like being a bartender in Amsterdam and had no fixed plans in life. When I asked them for a picture they answered me “of course, what kind of sexy position do you want us to do? Do you want us to get you those kids on the picture too?”. Great guys. After 3 shots I looked at my watch and it was time to go. I had lost another hour, but it was a constructive one! When I got all my gear on again they asked
“aren't you cold on your bike?”
“I sure am”
“So why are you doing this?”
“For the same reason you are backpacking in February from Spain to Germany, because it's fun!”.

Well on the road again! I arrived at the address that I wrote down some time in the past and there I was in front of... a strangers home. To make something clear, she lives with her brother during the weekend so I was looking for his house. I had a package to deliver that I bought for her 2 years ago but never had the chance to give it to her. Regarding the circumstances it was now or never. Well I texted her “is it normal that there is not your brothers name on his door?”... she answered me quiet a while later (but than again time passes slowly in moments of deception and of freakin' coldness) that the number was the wrong one but the street was right, but that I wouldn't find his home since it's complicated. Well that's a good answer, all that I understood was “you are in the right street but need to look a bit closer”... I called a friend who supported the whole trip and knew the story to keep my company and to help me with google to find the right place. Well after hours of searching with a flashlight in motorcycle gear I kinda gave up the idea of finding it. I think the neighbors were about to call the cops anyway, I mean you see a guy in dark motorcycle gear with a torchlight looking at names on all the doors in the neighborhood... what would you do? And of course on every door was written “this house is under video surveillance”.
My friend told me to open a beer and to search a place to get some rest. Well he was about right, it was almost midnight. What a day, 1000kms for nothing. Epic fail.
Then I got that nice text “let me do all this wrong right again and let me come to Lille”! Score! My crazy personality wasn't completely wrong!

Well anyway it was about time to find a place to sleep. I wanted to head to Mijoux thinking it wasn't that far away... well 400kms... Oh ok... well what is nearer? Grenoble? CHECK. After an hour of riding I found a nice place next to a bridge to plant my tent. Jesus, what a freaking wind! Normally I manage to build that tent up in about 10 minutes, it took me about 3 times more that night. The crosswind woke me every now and then letting me think that I wouldn't find my tent the next morning.

Pics of the day:

Who's got the best looking bike at university

Let me introduce: Coco and Martin. Hope you arrived safe and sound!

Well it's always a great idea to study a card whilst drinking. These Germans know how to brew stuff

Final destination to some strangers home. FAIL

Nice place to set up camp! (pics had been taken in the morning)

Well that famous bridge taken down by the Germans

Well the rumor says that the water went in 2002 15m high. Respect mother nature

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