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24/02 Day 2: from somewhere to Grenoble (250kms) – Time to meet friends again!
Total: 1258kms

After a couple of interrupted hours of sleep, it was 6:30 on my watch and time to pack my stuff. The good news was that the tent had resisted the night. A zip of the cold coffee from the day before and here we go. Needed to put my gloves out to dismantle the tent. My enemy the wind was still there and didn't make it any easier. I charged my phone on the bike whilst packing the tent. I enjoyed the view of the dried river and the ancient roman columns. A German woman came about and thought I was Swiss from my huge sticker on my pannier. Had a nice chat. She was heading with her husband to the French alps for skiing. She left, packed up some more stuff on my bike and a dog came jumping at me. Very playful, seemed young and as I later found out he was a crossing between an Australian Shepherd and an Husky. His owner came and some more chatting. Great I had some time to spare! He was an old soldier and biker. He picked the dog up 2 days ago from the Animal Protection Counter (or something like that in English? oO). He used to do the same kind of road trip during the winter to the Marmotte meeting. And since he was a real biker he asked me about the wind and not about the cold ;o). We agreed on the fact that everyone can ride when there is good weather. And there's no such thing as bad weather, just a bad equipment.
He left and I finished charging my bike when another man came. Seemed to be a popular spot to jog and walk your dog. He asked me if I had a problem with my bike, to which I was barely able to reply because he started chatting about the architecture of the columns and about the old bridge we were able to see, and that the Germans destroyed it during WW2. Then he got a little more racist and told me about the invasion and what so ever... I thought the Germans didn't make it further than Vichy? Anyway, after a while I was cold and heard enough of his racist blaming. I cut him off and told him that he had a German right in front of him and that he didn't mind talking to me for about 10 minutes. “What? What are you doing here in France? Didn't you made enough trouble back in the past?”... Wow OK... well I didn't even reply to that, took my helmet and left.

There were some twisties and I thought it would be a great opportunity to test my gopro. Once I'm back in Lille (this weekend) I'll upload some videos, since they are my first don't blame me for the angle!

I only rode the little roads to Grenoble and discovered that Ski socks weren't as effective as motorcycle socks. I made a stop for gas, took my boots off and changed socks... Brrr I hate that snow everywhere! Well heading to Grenoble to one of my old High-school buddies who just moved to a new place. When I say just moved I mean he did it the day before and just finished mounting his furniture with a lot of cartons lying around. But still I'd get a roof and a warm meal that night.
The snow became more and more intense and I discovered a nice feature on the GS: it's 21” front is like a snow plow! Gets through everything. I spend a great day with him and his mother who came helping him. I helped them moving stuff and later in the evening his sister came around and we all watched a movie. Since he had to wake up at 5 am and since I haven't found much sleep the night before, we went to bed around 11, like little old people.

Pics of the day:

Marcel and Baloo his dog

I simply had to stop for Europe and my studies

Nice evening, just chilling. Look at the "duvet", well as said before: he just moved in.

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