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Clutch replacement DIY.

Long story short, a friend fried the clutch while learning how to ride off road and in sand.... luckily loosening up the clutch cable gave us just enough friction to get home from Death Valley, with the clutch slipping in high gears for the last 20 miles.

After some research I found that EBC makes replacement friction pads and springs for the CRF250L, available locally direct from manufacturer but I have to place the order though this company, then pick up at warehouse:

Part # CK1313 for the friction plates and #CSK188 for the springs, which they say are 10% stiffer than OEM.
The steel plates are looking fine and are not warped so I wont be replacing them.
I'll be going by the warehouse to pick them up later today, $65 for plates, $10 for springs.

Here's a DIY of getting the clutch apart, it's pretty straightforward and took me about a half hour to get it open.

Drain oil, drain coolant through drain plug on intake, not much coolant will come out until you loosen the cap on the radiator, then it sprays out all over the place 2-3 feet out from the bike.

Remove hose

disconnect clutch cable, I used a screwdriver to push the lever back to slide it out

Remove brake lever, kick plate, and brake switch bracket.

Remove bracket that holds clutch cable, then oil tube or whatchamacallit.

Remove bolts holding engine case on, in a crisscross patten, Rotate clutch lever counterclockwise to disengage lifter arm spindle while removing the cover.

Remove bolts holding clutch plates in crisscross fashion and then slide out clutch plates.

And for you folks who like to stress/obsess about keeping the LRP tip top, I found this screen hidden behind the cover with plenty of metal flakes and what looked like pieces of case sealant from the factory. I guess there's a pre filter in our bikes.

That's about all there is to it, replace it with new plates and in opposite order, if I find anything while putting it back together I'll edit this post. Don't forget to change the oil @ 600 miles just like when new, the contamination from bedding in the new clutch plates is one of the main reasons for that first oil change.


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