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25/02 Day 3: Grenoble (0kms) – Time to Chill and write that report!

Slept like a baby and had time to catch up with my RR! I already phoned my friend from the Volleyball team in Mijoux and he's expecting me tomorrow, lets hope that that snowplow function is still working on my GS! Today will be about discovering a part of Grenoble with my friends Mom. He came back from work during his break and had some trouble with his boss... that means drinking in the evening! Before that, I told him that I'll find someone to fix his CPU since it slid from his couch to the ground, breaking some piece inside of it and refusing to start. Dear great internet, HELP ME... Well since it let me down last time I consulted it for some information (regarding the brothers address), it didn't bother me that it let me down today too, so apparently I called a wrong number, or more likely the wrong number is listed in the yellow pages, so that I woke a guy at 9:30 am who gave me a speech and insulted me all kind of names. He seemed nice!
I finally got a real number so now I'm heading to that place and after that I have some legal stuff to do regarding his lease. Yeah since I'm specializing in European law, he gave me his lease to look up some legal stuff. When you hear someone studying law you always think, well I'm sure that guy knows about criminal law, contract law and so on.. Wrong.. it's like asking your gynecologist to perform your knee surgery. But hey since I'm a nice guy I'll make some calls ;).

So later on my friends Mom took my out for a walk along. Did you know that Grenoble is the flattest city in France? No? Yeah you're right, who cares? Anyway it's a great city with an old core which is fantastic. Everywhere you look you are surrounded by the mountains. Well since the old lady didn't sleep well last night, I did some charity work and we walked for 3 hours. I was looking for a coffee place to talk and chill with her, she's very cool and likes heavy metal. We went together to the Kiss concert in Paris a couple of years ago. Since she was undecided I told her that I needed some things for tomorrow (beer), we went looking for a shop and stumbled into some mascots. “Flash me!”... Well I took my camera out and took it literally ;o). Then I found a special Irish shop and forced her to go inside! Grouwww I love their fashion and beer! Well once inside I found a little something for my dearly beloved: a Kilt! And yes I did wear it like it's supposed to :o). Bad thing it was WAY overpriced and would cut into my fuel budget.

On our way home we got into a supermarket and got my 1rst aid kit for the rest of my trip (more beer).

Well that's about it and an update is about to follow!

Stay tuned!

Pics of the day:

Some art for the brainy guy inside you

Video Game landscape?

Flash me... So I did... I took out my penis!

Inside of Grenoble

Good enough for this site

I simply love this city for its view

Anybody knows what this is for? I guessed some feminist angry about the horse meat story?

It's magic, the next Uri Geller?

Some goodie goodie for my dearly beloved. And yeah I did wear it like it's supposed to

Took us about 5 takes to get it "right"... it means hood (insert joke here!)

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