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Originally Posted by Balkan Boy View Post
Ahh, the money shot. Well done.

It seems that clutch is a week point on this bike. Here are more reports from RideAsia. (They had the bike for longer then Europe and America.)

Honestly though I believe this failure was caused by inexperience and too much high revving, wrong gear while slipping the clutch. Brutal sand dune riding conditions with a rider who's never ridden in them.
Few bikes will keep taking what I saw without breaking something IMO.
If this failed under normal conditions I would agree and be exploring a warranty claim, but at least in this circumstance it was rider error that caused it for sure. There's a right way and a wrong way to use a clutch, high rev's in high gears and slipping the clutch isn't the way to do it.
Live and learn, at least the replacement is easy and relatively cheap... just glad we were able to get it home 250+ miles, could have turned into a real PITA.
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