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Originally Posted by 8gv View Post
Yes. I studied the specs and concluded it was not for me. Very nice bike at a very attractive price. For the price of a we WR you can get almost one and a half CRF's.

Keeping things Japanese, the best power to weight ratio seems to come from three bikes:
WR250...light, tall and with an 11.8:1 compression ratio, powerful.
DRZ400...heavier, tall and with an 11.3:1 compression ratio, powerful.
DR650...heavy but lower, powerful via displacement, abiet detuned displacement of unknown compression ratio.

The CRF is heavy at 320# and has a compression ratio of 10.7:1, lower power than the others.

If the Mfg's would list HP and torque in their specs this analysis would be more credible. As it stands, I only have compression ratio as an indicator of power. It's not perfect but it's all I've got.

Price does matter. A used DR is pretty cost effective but I think the bike's weight would limit its use. It could be fine for the TAT but I wouldn't want to single track it. Keeping two bikes seems to be out of the question as I have a fleet other toys hanging around.
All your listed 250's are relatively heavy. A Stock DR650 has just 37 HP at the rear wheel. Open it up a bit, you can get close to 40 HP ... and still get 50 MPG. I'm guessing DR650 comp. ratio at around 9.5 to 1 (more of less).

The DR650 listed dry weight is 324 lbs. True wet weight as listed by MCN, who actually TEST and WEIGH bikes, is 367 lbs.
YES, heavier than either of the 250's ... but not that much. With good suspension and a few simple mods ... the DR will really surprise you. Best LD travel ADV bike out there, IMHO.

Trust me. I also have a WR250F(240 lbs. Wet) off road Race Bike, so I've ridden them back to back and compared the two. Off road a well set up DR is not half bad ... once you get used to it and adapt to the extra weight. No, you can't do A level Enduro single track ... but most 2 track, easy single track, Desert sand and rough Desert tracks it does very well ... even loaded up. All this and easy cruising at 80 mph on highway.

My DR650 in Baja, 2007.
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