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Originally Posted by Haroon View Post
Thanks Throttlemeister and crashmaster for the suggestions. Indeed, May seems to be the month with most rains as per the weatherman. Anyways, if I was doing this ride solo, I would have loved to do a lot of dirt (you have tempted me with some additional bonuses as well!). But since we are doing this 2-up thats why I prefer to avoid extreme dirt, but the place looks really tempting and I will discuss these way points with Mike.

With the exception of pork/ham, any particular local foods that we should not miss (like chicken, beef, fish etc).
Also kinds of eateries/foods that need to be avoided?
The little roadside parrillas can be really good. You cant miss them, they are usually cooking right outside and have a little outside seating area with a roof over it. Generally, they will let you taste what they have to see if you want to buy a plate. I had some incredible beef at those places. The best IMO were in the Llanos area, but there are good ones all over.

You dont really need to avoid any food places, but I found they little road side eateries to be quite good.
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