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Looks like half the players were out setting this one!
Story about that bridge: One of our fellow ADV'ers thought it would be a good idea to snap a pic while riding a 950ADV (not even his, he swapped his (my former) 950SE with a friend just before), got about 1/2 way through, lost the front in the wobbly boards riding with one hand and went sliding down and head first into the side support of the bridge. Helmet went into one of the 45 degree supports at the bottom and wedged his head into the bridge. Some lady in a car came along and "OH MY GOD" had to help him get his head out of the stuck helmet so he could pick up the bike. Had to kick his helmet a bunch to free it, then needed to buy a new helmet because it was cracked. Had to buy his daughter a new camera too. Lucky he didn't break his neck.
KTM had crash bars and already had scrapes so it wasn't apparent that he went down. The guys he was riding with were all ahead of him and didn't know he crashed.
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