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Originally Posted by MsLizVt View Post

Donnie, yay!

That's great that you figured out what the problem was. Time to take a big long deep breath, relax a bit, regroup, and slowly put this bike back into running order.

In the states Euromechanical is great. Here are links for the HES and Belt.

Make sure where ever you order the HES from that you're getting the one for the 1100. The connectors are different between them. The 1100 has a single row of connectors, and the 1150 has two rows. [if you had to, you can rewire the 1150 HES to the 1100 connector]

The belt that I just gave you the link to is the 611mm belt. Check yours to see if it's the same. The numbers on the belt should tell the length. The shorter belts are 592mm and 582mm. Both will work, as best as I recall, in a pinch, but if you have the 611, which you should, go with that.

I don't find a cup on their website.

Mike at Beemerboneyard is excellent to deal with. He has the HES's and belts brand new.

I'm not finding a cup on his site, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have one. It's worth an email or call to him.

Max's BMW has the cup/rotor for less than $10.

The HES is universal on all R 850/1100 bikes, and the cup is universal on all R 850/1100/1150 bikes.

Is the tab still on the cup, or did it get bent flat or worn away?

Save the old HES and cup for me, please. I'll rebuild it eventually, out of parts from bad ones I have.

Can you take pictures, also, and email them to me, if you can't post them?

More yay that it's diagnosed!


PS: Did you keep the original fuel pump? If so, good, keep it as a spare.
I am trying to get in touch with BMW Guatemala and Beemer Boneyard. The tab is on the cup, the problem is that it was not glued on and the hole had enlarged allowing the cup to contact the hall sensor. The pick ups on the sensor were totally destroyed and laying in the cavity.
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