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You ride good, you write good, you were in S.A., how wouldn't they have you in the US leg of One World?

Seems like your relationship with BMW can be leveraged by all this, for the future. Make sure to make the most of it. ;)

Now about the event.

- Still haven't seen proper night shots of the bike, or actually of the illuminated road in front of the bike (LED more importantly). Make sure to comment on it.

- Drink its blood out to check about the head-shaking-to-tank-slapping alleged issue.

- US also has nice highways. Maybe, someone could find out real (GPS better) V-Max when nobody is looking? Heard reports of 135MPH (which sucks as is the same with current) and 140MPH (which is a bit better but would love more, at least 145MPH). Also, current GS is pretty accurate and pretty close to GPS speed (with less than 5MPH at difference at top speed), if you get a chance check this (arguably minor) thing too. It is like 5 secs + 5 secs of your riding after all (check in two different speeds).

- Check what tires you are using. I know these are things you don't normally notice (you just ride with whatever is on). Maybe minor, but pointing this out because all tires new GS is using from 2-3 brands are all new models. Someone told me good words about Tourance Next and bad words about Anakee 3 (both already out for "old" GS too). Someone else said good words about Anakee 3 too.

- Make sure this time you adjust the handle bar.

- Old GS hates jumps. It bottoms out pretty easily with strange sounds (unlike a KTM Adventure for example). This is not mentioned in any reviews about new GS. Also the guy that assisted in the first One World legs (also writes in this forum, Baluchon, you may want to contact him), already has a photo of a quite nice jump on the new bike. Can you... check yourself? :)

- You said the SAME two bikes do the WHOLE One World series??? Now that is nice! If it is the case, make a notice of the odometers. I am curious.

- Since you are looking make sure to note the consumption during your trip. Although that the trip is mostly a marketing thing of "ok let's pass this again to take the photos", it is still a good mixed-road indication.

OK this is pretty much it from the top of my head.

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