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India is a little bit like a parking-lot racetrack: As long as you keep your line and ride predictably and smoothly, everything works out somehow.

Eventually you get used to it and it's not that bad actually. What it comes down to is that speeds are relatively low most of the time. All these crazy things are not happening at 75mph. They are happening at 25mph. It's like a messy parking lot instead of a messy road.

After I came back from India to Washington, DC, I actually thought that DC/USA driving is even worse for one simple reason: people in the US are very rules-centric, very aggressive, and they take it as a personal affront to them if you lanesplit next to their car at red lights so that you are in front. I passed some lady on a double yellow the other day and she actually made an effort to catch up to me and yell at me. In India, people are more zen. They don't get angry. If they see that you want to squeeze in, they will let you squeeze in. No problem. It's more relaxed.
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