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I have lived in Cincinnati, Lexington, KY, various places in North Carolina and Florida, and owned two places that were in the suburbs and within sight of salt water.

And I have traveled and lived as an RVer. Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Memphis, you name it.

You couldn't pay me to move to your part of Alabama. Too backwards for my tastes from what I have seen.

So with that said there is nothing "substandard" with what we are discussing.

I do agree that the particular location where I am staying is too rural for my tastes. Deer in the yard in the morning is neat. 45 mile trips to a WalMart gets old. Hence the reason why I am not looking for property here. I don't think your sense of geography is very good.

However, the Texas Hill Country is a primo place for riders. If you rode more you might understand.

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